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Baby Teeth Get Cavities Too

Parents should ensure that their children’s teeth are healthy and well-maintained as they develop and grow their first set of baby teeth all the way until their permanent teeth grow and beyond into adulthood. 

 Baby teeth start to grow at around six months of age and permanent teeth normally begin to grow at around six to eight years of age, but those baby teeth need to remain healthy and free of decay and cavities just like permanent teeth do. Baby teeth that have developed cavities may require fillings in order to prevent the spread of tooth decay and to reduce any pain or discomfort in your child. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do babies need fillings?

Depending on the size of the cavity, your baby may require a filling. Tooth decay that reaches under the enamel to the dentin requires a filling unless the tooth is ready to fall out in the next six months.

Q: Do baby fillings hurt?

Modern techniques for applying fillings to baby teeth can render the entire process painless. Most babies do not require sedation, but deep fillings that may cause pain can be resolved with modern anaesthetics. 

Q: How long do baby fillings last?

Fillings for babies tend to last for the entirety of the life of the baby teeth or around 5 to 7 years. 

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