Dentist in Cork

Dentist in Cork

If you’re searching for a dentist in Cork with unrivalled experience, look no further than Bandon Dental. Established in 1980, our practice has been providing patients throughout Cork City and West Cork with the best in oral and dental care. Our team of dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants is on hand to cater to all your requirements. 

Get in touch today to book an appointment for a routine examination, tooth scaling, and polishing. Perhaps you would like to speak to us about teeth whitening or dental crowns. Our team performs cosmetic procedures in our clinic every week.

Is your child nervous or afraid to go to a paediatric dentist? This is completely normal, and that is why our team has been fully trained to work with kids and babies of all ages. Bandon Dental will help take the stress out of getting fillings, fissure sealants or dealing with our orthodontists.

We are currently taking on new patients from all towns in Cork, including Ballincollig, Douglas, Rochestown, Wilton, Glanmire, and all other towns within the county. We understand the difficulty of booking a dental appointment and, therefore, have opened up new spots.


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Q: How often should you go to the dentist?

Ideally, you should aim to schedule a dental checkup once every six months. This way, your dentist can look for signs of tooth decay, bone loss, and infection before it turns into a more serious issue. If your teeth and gums are healthy, you may be able to go less frequently. 

However, you should never leave more than 12 months between visits. Your dentist will advise you on when to schedule your next appointment after examining your teeth. If there are any underlying issues, it’s a good idea to increase the frequency of visits to once every three months.  

Q: How much is a dentist appointment?

The cost of dental treatment varies. A routine checkup costs €40 and covers a full examination, as well as scaling and polishing. If you need fillings, you can expect to pay €100 per tooth. More complex procedures, like crowns, cost €800.

If your teeth are stained or you’re suffering from extensive plaque buildup, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with a dental hygienist. A single visit will cost €70. 

For children, costs are generally lower. A routine appointment costs €35, while treatments like fissure sealant cost €35. 

However, orthodontics and Invisalign fittings are more expensive, costs starting at €3100.

Q: What does PRSI cover when visiting the dentist?

You can sometimes offset the cost of dental treatment with PRSI entitlements. If you’ve paid sufficient PRSI contributions, you can enjoy a free dental examination once every 12 months. Scale and polish treatments are also partially covered, although there’s €15 in place. Sometimes, a more intensive approach, like protracted periodontal treatment, is required.

You can use your PRSI entitlement to save on this. In order to qualify for PRSI savings, you’ll need to provide your PPS number and date of birth when making an appointment. Ensure you’re using PRSI entitlements annually. You can’t roll this over to enjoy double discounts the following year.

Q: Do you need to be from Bandon to book an appointment?

No, absolutely not. Although we are a trusted dentist in Bandon, we do cater to patients from across Cork City. Our patient list includes people from Blackrock, Bishopstown, Carrigaline, Douglas, Mahon, Wilton, Ballincollig, and Rochestown. If you’re struggling to find a dentist in Cork, get in touch today to book your next check-up.

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