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If you’re suffering from tooth decay or a chipped or broken tooth, you may require fillings from your dentist in Cork. Fillings are a simple procedure for repairing broken, chipped, or decayed teeth whereby a dentist applies a durable and high-quality filling material to the affected tooth/teeth. 

Fillings come in a variety of compounds which stick to your teeth and seek to repair the structure of the tooth, and in many cases restore its white colour. Bandon Dental provides a wide range of fillings for patients. 

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Dental Fillings - FAQs

Q: Are mercury fillings used in Ireland?

In accordance with Ireland’s National Oral Health Policy, Smile agus Sláinte, and EU requirements, mercury amalgam dental fillings are being phased out by 2030. Composite resin amalgam fillings are commonly used for filling cavities.

Q: How long does it take to get a filling?

Depending on the skill of the dentist and the complexity of the filling, it can take anywhere from around 10 minutes to an hour to perform the filling procedure. Multiple fillings or repairs on chipped or broken teeth can take longer. 

Q: Can a cavity go away by brushing?

In most cases, once a tooth has decayed and the cavity has opened to allow bacteria inside, no amount of brushing will remove it. The longer a cavity is left to go untreated, the more chances it has to decay towards the nerve. 

Q: What causes a cavity?

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