VHI & PRSI Dental Entitlements

VHI Private Health Insurance & PRSI Entitlements

Dental Benefits & PRSI Entitlements

If you live in Ireland as a citizen, resident, or are a member of another EU member country, you may be entitled to a free yearly dental check-up through the Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme.

Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme through PRSI

If you live in Ireland as a citizen, resident, or are a member of another EU member country, you may be entitled to a free yearly dental check-up through the Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme. Before 2010, more dental benefits were available; one free yearly dental check-up is all that remains due to government austerity.

How to Qualify for the Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme

In most cases, individuals must be paying social insurance contributions into the Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI) under Class A, E, P, H or S. If you do not meet these criteria, you may still be eligible for the Treatment Benefit.

For example, you may be entitled due to your spouse’s PSRI contributions or if you’ve paid into a social insurance scheme in another EU country. Contact Revenue or the Social Welfare Office for more information on eligibility for the Treatment Benefit.

Your PRSI Entitlements for Dental Care

The Treatment Benefit Scheme entitles eligible individuals to one free dental examination per year as well as a subsidy of €42 for scale & polish or periodontal treatment. If the treatment will cost more than €42, you will be expected to pay the difference for periodontal treatment; the capped maximum payment for scale & polish is €15 as of 2022.

Medical Card Holder

We currently don’t accept medical cards at Bandon dental practice.

Private Dental Insurance

A growing number of Irish residents and citizens are choosing private dental insurance in order to receive access to a much wider range of professional dentists and dental services than the PSRI’s Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme provides.

Many private insurance companies such as VHI and Decare Ireland provide coverage for routine examinations, scaling & polishing, orthodontics, emergency treatment, and much more. Coverage and eligibility can vary widely from insurer to insurer, so shop around for a plan that fits your needs at a reasonable price.

Income Tax Deductions for Dental Care

You may be able to file for income tax deductions for dental care in with Revenue, which can greatly offset or completely cover the cost of non-routine dental care. Unfortunately, routine cleaning, fillings, tooth extraction, and scale & polish cannot be claimed as they are considered to be routine services.

Crowns, bridgework, periodontal treatment, and other surgical treatment options, however, can be claimed with Revenue by obtaining a Med 2 form from your dentist. Keep the Med 2 document for your own safekeeping.

Do You Qualify for Free Dental Care?

Not everyone is eligible for free or subsidised dental care in Ireland, nor are all dentists registered to provide treatment through the Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme. The eligibility criteria for PRSI or a medical card can be quite specific.

Moreover, you must ensure that your dentist is registered to provide treatment through the Treatment Benefit Scheme. A list of registered dentists can be found here. Bandon Dental is ready to accept new and returning patients, including those eligible for PRSI.

Choose Bandon Dental for Quality Dental Care

Whether you’re eligible for completely or partially subsidised dental care, you intend to file a private insurance claim, or you intend to pay out of pocket, choose a reliable and affordable team of dental care professionals that put your healthy smile first.

So wear that healthy smile and let the world know with quality dental care from our team at Bandon Dental.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I receive free dental care with PRSI entitlements?

Most individuals in Ireland contributing to the PRSI scheme are eligible for one free dental examination per year under the Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme. Not all dentists are registered to provide free dental check-ups under the PRSI scheme, however.

Q: Is it worth purchasing dental insurance in Ireland?

For most individuals in Ireland, it is prudent to have some form of dental insurance to cover the costs – partially or fully – of dental care rather than have to pay out of pocket. VHI, Aviva, and Laya Healthcare are all popular insurance providers that provide dental insurance plans.

Q: Does PRSI cover teeth cleaning?

Individuals contributing to PRSI are normally entitled to the Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme, which fully covers the cost of one dental examination per year. Scale and polish teeth cleaning services are partially subsidised, so you will still have to pay €15 out of pocket. If your require periodontal treatment the cost will be more.

Effective, Affordable Dental Treatment at Bandon Dental

Bandon Dental provides a wide range of dental care services such as routine cleaning, Root surface debridement,Cancer screening, dental check-ups, emergency dental care, kids fissure sealants, teeth whitening, surgical and cosmetic dental solutions, and much more. Schedule an appointment with our team today.

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