Gum Shields for Children

Gum Shields for Children

Athletic sports play is a great way for children to engage in competitive play and develop their teamwork skills, but it can also be hazardous for their teeth and gums. Contact sports can result in injuries such as chipped or broken teeth, which is why many athletic sports leagues recommend or mandate the use of sports guards for children. 

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Gum Shields for Children - FAQs

Q: How thick are mouth guards?

Most sporting mouth guards are about 4mm thick, but some sports such as mixed martial arts (MMA) or other particularly dangerous sports may require thicker mouth guards 5-6mm thick. 

Q: Can mouth guards stop my child from grinding his teeth at night?

No, sports mouth guards should only be used for sports. Children often grind their teeth at night (bruxism) due to stress or from teeth developing. Consult your dentist if your child frequently grinds their teeth at night. 

Q: Can children’s sports guards be used with braces?

Yes, a dentist can create a fitted mouth guard which will protect your child’s teeth and their braces. Mouth guards are ideal for children wearing braces since they reduce the risk of impacts causing the braces to slice the gums or mouth.

Fitted Child Sport Mouth Guards from Bandon Dental

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