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If you dream of a sparkling smile, it’s time to consider teeth whitening in Cork. Tooth whitening, or dental bleaching, is a common cosmetic procedure that restores a full, white set of teeth and eliminates stained or yellow ones. A full set of pearly whites can restore your confidence and appearance, giving you a boost for social gatherings and photo opportunities.  
Adults in Ireland can whiten their teeth with at-home bleaching kits by scheduling sessions with our team of dentists at Bandon Dental.

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Teeth Whitening - FAQs

Q: How much is teeth whitening?

A full at-home whitening plan costs280 for a tray and four syringes. €20 per syringe after that. 

Q: How long does whitening last?

This all depends on the kind of treatment you have received. In most cases, teeth should remain white for at least six months. However, you can enjoy white teeth for as long as three years if you commit to a healthy diet, ditch foods that will discolour your teeth, and avoid smoking.

Q: How does teeth whitening work?

Whitening agents like carbamide or hydrogen peroxide penetrate the surface of the teeth and trigger oxidation. This breaks down any lingering stains causing discolouration to your enamel. This chemical reaction is incredibly effective, helping to lift stains that are almost impossible to remove at home. You’ll need to commit to several sessions before you notice any significant results.

Q: What can I eat after having my teeth whitened?

Avoid food that is going to cause any visible staining. White meats like chicken and turkey are a good option, while fish and soft cheeses are also suitable. White bread can also be enjoyed, but it’s worth removing the crust before consuming your favourite sandwich. Many vegetables can also be eaten, but stick to white and light-coloured varieties whenever possible.

Q: How long after teeth whitening can I eat normally?

Once you’ve completed a whitening treatment, it’s advised that you avoid eating or drinking anything for a couple of hours. After that, you’ll need to commit to a strict diet for 48–72 hours. If your teeth are feeling particularly sensitive, avoid cold or hot beverages and foods. Likewise, try to avoid things like coffee and certain spices that are likely to stain your teeth.

Q: Is it dangerous to whiten your teeth?

No. When dentists perform teeth whitening, they do not damage the tooth’s enamel, nor do they damage the dentin, the main source of colour for your teeth.

Q: Can yellow teeth become white?

Teeth-whitening dentist procedures are incredibly effective, even on yellow teeth. However, you’ll need to think seriously about your lifestyle if you want to maintain a clear smile. Make sure you’re brushing your teeth regularly with the right technique. It’s also important to cut your intake of sugar and alcohol. If you’re a smoker, it’s only a matter of time before your teeth become stained again, so consider quitting your habit for good.  

Q: How to treat sensitive teeth after whitening?

Many patients experience heightened sensitivity to their teeth and gums after using at-home or in-office teeth-whitening treatments. If your teeth were already sensitive before undergoing treatment, teeth whitening can exacerbate the sensitivity. Speak with a qualified and trustworthy dentist at Bandon Dental if you are experiencing sensitive teeth.

Q: How do I stop tooth sensitivity after whitening?

If you’re struggling with sensitive teeth and gums after whitening treatment, you can use anti-inflammatory medication for instant relief. You can also ask our dentist in Cork about soothing gels to minimise irritation to the gum line. It’s also worth switching to a desensitising toothpaste and using a soft-bristled toothbrush until the sensitivity dies down. 

Q: How do I rehydrate teeth after whitening?

Sticking to a clear diet will help keep your teeth hydrated after a whitening treatment. Try to stick to water whenever possible. This will also promote healthy saliva production, which will help keep your teeth and gums hydrated after treatment. Saliva is rich in natural chemicals that ensure healthy enamel.  

Q: What other dental services do you offer?

Looking for a dentist in Bandon who offers a full range of dental solutions? As trained paediatric dentists, we cater to children of all ages. We also offer restorative treatments like dental crowns and orthodontics. You can also speak to us about Invisalign treatment. If you require an emergency dentist, then we are a perfect choice, as we offer same-day emergency appointments. You can also book in without one of our dental hygienists for a routine clean.

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