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An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle, which is why it’s important to keep your teeth safe from injury with quality gum shields & sports guards from Bandon Dental. The potential for injuries to the mouth area can lead to chipped or broken teeth, or cause injury for individuals that wear braces. 

Gum shields and sports mouth guards provide adequate protection for your gums and teeth whilst playing sports or exercising. Learn more about our gum shields and sports guards below. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do mouth guards damage teeth?

Mouth-formed sports guards should never damage your teeth but instead protect them. When applied properly to your teeth and fitted to your mouth by a qualified dentist, a mouth guard can protect your gums and teeth from serious injury during sporting or recreational activities.

Q: Are night guards uncomfortable?

Night guards can be uncomfortable at first because your mouth may not be accustomed to having a piece of plastic inside throughout the night. Over time, this discomfort tends to go away on its own. Ensure you’re wearing a high-quality night guard that is adequately fitted to your mouth to reduce discomfort. 

Q: What size gum shield do I need?

A gum shield should provide full protection for your teeth except the back molars as well as a portion of the gums. For best results, consult a dentist and request a mouth-formed gum shield that fits the exact dimensions of your mouth and teeth. 

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