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Routine Cancer Screenings for Oral Cancer

Cancer screenings are important at all stages of life, especially as one ages and the chances of developing various types of cancer may increase. Oral cancer is unfortunately quite common and early diagnosis can drastically increase your chances of survival. 

 Bandon Dental provides thorough oral cancer screenings for patients in order to diagnose the presence of various types of oral cancer and to provide a plan of treatment. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When should you start screening for oral cancer?

You should consider being screened for oral cancer as early as the age of 18. Individuals that consume tobacco products should be screened for oral cancer when they begin consuming tobacco. 

Q: Is gum cancer curable?

If screened and treated sooner rather than later, gum cancer can be cured. A dentist can detect early signs of oral cancer by screening for gum cancer and other types of oral cancer and by examining the mouth and lips for signs of early development of cancer. 

Q: How is oral cancer removed?

Depending on the stage of development of oral cancer, treatment solutions can range from minor surgery to surgery which removes the tumour from the affected area(s). The tumour is removed surgically as well as surrounding areas in order to ensure that the cancer is fully removed and cannot spread. 

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