PRSI Dental Entitlements Guide 2023

If you pay social insurance contributions in Ireland, you probably qualify for PRSI dental entitlements. These entitlements, as part of the Treatment Benefit Scheme, enable you to access routine dental care annually as well as minimise the cost of services like scaling and polish.

Despite millions of Irish taxpayers qualifying for PRSI dental care, not everyone who’s eligible takes advantage of it. If you’re looking for a dentist in Bandon who accepts PRSI entitlements, you’ve come to the right place. At Bandon Dental, we welcome patients from across Cork. Eager to learn more about what your entitlements cover? Read on for everything you need to know. 

What is PRSI? 

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Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI) is a social insurance contribution made by employers and, in most cases, employees. The ultimate amount varies depending on your social insurance class. PRSI contributions are automatically directed from your wages by your employer, which is then collected by Revenue. 

You’ll be able to find all records of your PRSI contributions on your pay slip. PRSI in Ireland allows taxpayers to take advantage of the Treatment Benefit scheme. Provided you have made sufficient contributions, you’re eligible to receive entitlements for hearing devices, optometry and dental treatment.  

What Are PRSI Dental Entitlements? 

Anyone who has made PRSI contributions during their working life may qualify for PRSI dental entitlements. This nationwide scheme is available to anyone in full-time work, as well as the self-employed and those of retirement age.

These entitlements allow Irish taxpayers to receive subsidised dental treatment. However, PRSI benefits only apply to certain dental treatments such as a scale and polish by dental hygienists. However, they can’t be applied to cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening and orthodontics. You can avail of 20% back through a med 2 for some procedures, check for details. 

What Dental Treatment is Covered by PRSI? 

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Provided you’ve made enough contributions and qualify for PRSI entitlements in Ireland, you’ll be able to access the Treatment Benefit Scheme. Potential treatments include a dental check, with patients able to access a complete oral examination once every 12 months. You can enjoy PRSI dental cleaning. This entitlement partially covers the cost of a scale and polish, meaning you’ll only pay €15- 23 

What Other Treatments Are Covered by PRSI? 

In addition to these routine treatments, some patients may be able to access partial coverage for more advanced dental treatment in Ireland. Should your dentist in Cork suggest you need to undergo protracted periodontal treatment, you can use PRSI entitlements to cover some of the cost. 

Unlike a standard scale and polish, protracted periodontal treatment involves a deep clean of the teeth and gums, which is often performed under local anaesthetic. However, you’ll only be able to claim up to €42 towards periodontal treatment. Should your treatment cost any more than that, you’ll need to cover the difference yourself.

However, there are rules in place for anyone looking to take advantage of the entitlement and the Treatment Benefit Scheme. You’ll only be able to claim PRSI once in any given calendar year. You can’t claim unused entitlements from previous years and roll them over. In other words, it’s best to use the PRSI dental benefits you’re entitled to annually.

Currently, treatments like dental fillings, tooth extraction and orthodontics aren’t covered by PRSI.  

Who Can Claim PRSI Dental Entitlements? 

PRSI dental entitlements are available to most Irish taxpayers. However, you’ll need to have made social insurance contributions during your working life, although the number varies depending on your age.

If you’re aged under 21, you’ll need to have made a minimum of 39 contributions to qualify. If you’re aged 21-28, you’ll need to have paid a minimum of 39 contributions two years before the year you’re claiming PRSI benefits. For dental patients aged 29-65, you’ll need to have made a minimum of 260 contributions since you were aged 29. Alternatively, you’ll need to have made 26 PRSI payments during the previous two contribution years.

Anyone aged 66 and over will need to have made 260 PRSI contributions at some point in their working life, along with 39 contributions during the current and previous tax year. If you achieve these conditions by the time you retire, you’ll remain qualified for the rest of your life.  

What if I’m Unemployed? 

For those not in paid work, there are other ways to satisfy the conditions of PRSI contributions. If you’re too ill to work, you can apply for Illness Benefit which can provide some coverage for contributions. If you’re currently looking for work, Jobseeker’s Benefit can also help you achieve the minimum requirements for PRSI dental coverage.  

Can Spouses, Cohabitants and Civil Partners Qualify? 

There are some exceptions to the above. On some occasions, a dependent spouse might be able to take advantage of the Treatment Benefit Scheme if their partner has made enough contributions during their lifetime. However, to qualify, you’ll need to be married to or in a civil partnership or cohabiting with someone who has made enough PRSI contributions. 

If you’re claiming as a dependent, both you and your spouse will need to fill out a dependent spouse application form and submit it for approval. Widowed dependents remain covered by spousal contributions, even after their partner dies.

A dependent spouse still needs to fulfil some basic criteria. To qualify as a dependent, a spouse or partner needs to have a weekly gross income totalling no more than €100. They can’t also be claiming any social welfare payments, except for Child Benefit, Carer’s Benefit, Supplementary Welfare Allowance and Disablement Pension.  

Living in the United Kingdom or the European Union? 

If you’re based in the United Kingdom or the EU, you can still access PRSI entitlements. However, you’ll need to get in touch with the Treatment Benefit Section to see if you qualify. If you pursue treatment outside of Ireland and you qualify for PRSI entitlements, you’ll partially be reimbursed for the cost of your treatment. You’ll need to provide receipts of your treatment, your contact information and the bank account you wish to receive payment.  

How Do I Check if I Am Eligible for PRSI Entitlements? 

Unsure whether you qualify for entitlements? Your dental provider can check your eligibility. However, you’ll need to provide a bit of information for your dental practice to check your eligibility. You can contact Bandon Dental on 023-8841752 or email for our team to check with your consent.

Once you contact your dentist to talk about PRSI eligibility, you’ll be asked for your Personal Public Service (PPS) number, along with your full name and date of birth. You’ll also need to provide consent for your dental practice to carry out the relevant checks on your behalf.  

How To Use PRSI Dental Entitlements? 

Provided your eligibility has been confirmed, you’ll then be able to use your PRSI entitlements to book an appointment for subsidised dental treatment. Simply confirm with your dental practice whether you’d like to book a scale and polish or pursue other options like protracted periodontal treatment.  

Take Advantage of the Treatment Benefit Scheme Today 

The Treatment Benefit Scheme and PRSI entitlements are an easy way to ensure your smile is looking its best. If you’ve ever paid social insurance contributions, you may qualify for partially subsidised treatment with your nearest dental provider. 

An annual scale and polish with your dental hygienist is an effective way of keeping on top of your oral hygiene and preventing more serious problems from arising. It’s straightforward to check your eligibility with just a few details. As well as free dental check-ups with one of our dentists here at Bandon Dental and scale and polish with one of our Dental Hygienists, you can use PRSI to partially cover the cost of more advanced dental care like periodontal treatment.

Speak to the Team at Bandon Dental 

Looking to use your entitlements before they expire? If you’ve had trouble finding a PRSI-registered dentist in Cork, it’s time to get in touch with Bandon Dental today. Along with routine check-ups and treatments like scale and polish appointments, we offer a full range of private dental care options. 

Get in touch about dental crowns and restorative work, or speak to the team about orthodontic solutions like Invisalign. Need help restoring your smile to its former glory? Our team is on hand to help.  

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